'How I bounced back from homelessness'

A Norfolk man describes his journey from being kicked out of his family home to rebuilding his life.

Hello and welcome back to The Seeker.

This edition will be the last one from me for a while. A new job (also writing a newsletter) and travel to London means I can't give The Seeker the time or effort it deserves, so I'm putting it on pause until I can find the funds and the right people to take it forward.

It's been five months since I sent out the first of these weekly newsletters with the aim of giving in-depth coverage to issues in the city, but I always wanted it be more than just my voice. That is why I set The Seeker up as a Community Interest Company, meaning it is run for the benefit of the wider community rather than for profit.

We've built a base of almost 600 subscribers and done some impactful journalism. I'm especially proud of the coverage we've received for our campaign to save the walk-in centre, which now stands at more than 6,000 signatures. If you're interested in helping to take The Seeker forward then please email me at editor@thenorwichseeker.co.uk.

On the subject of giving different people a voice, today's story comes from a young man from a background you don't normally hear in the media. He's had a rough time battling domestic violence, mental health problems and homelessness. I think journalists too often try to tell people's stories for them rather than just letting people tell their stories themselves, so the below is not from me but from him. I'm not naming him for reasons I hope become obvious when you read his story.