Meet the women trying to transform the city's healthcare

We interview two women leading the transformation of healthcare in Norwich.

Meet the women trying to transform the city's healthcare
The walk-in centre on Rouen Road which saw more than 70,000 patients last year. Credit: ONP

Hello and welcome back,

I was going to write about all the problems facing our health service this week, but then I had other ideas.

It is hard to see through the headlines of thousands of patients on trolleys, people dying while waiting for ambulances and the endless pressures on hospitals. I noticed this Tweet from the Sunday Times health correspondent at the start of January:

But I think it is important to keep some hope because otherwise there is no way forward. When I started The Seeker, I said it would focus on solutions rather than just problems, so that is what this week’s edition is about.

I’m bringing you an interview (and some hope🤞) with two leading women in the city’s health scene who are trying to prevent people needing to go to hospital in the first place. As I said in the last newsletter, there is no quick fix to the health system's problems, but this interview hopefully gives a glimpse into how a key piece of the jigsaw can be solved. 👇