Sleeping rough, the UEA's bad week + first readers' drinks

The boss of St Martins speaks to us about the homeless charity's expansion.

Sleeping rough, the UEA's bad week + first readers' drinks
St Martins is part of a group of organisations working to prevent rough sleeping Credit: St Martins

Hello and welcome to this week's Seeker,

Hope of an early spring faded this week, but there are plenty of things to look forward to - including our first readers' meet-up!

We're getting together at The Last Pub Standing on King Street on Wednesday March 8th from 6pm. It would be fantastic to meet some of you in person and hear your ideas and views on the newsletter and life in the city. Places are limited so please reserve here. And before you get your hopes up I'm afraid there are no free drinks (this is a non-profit!).

Our petition to save Norwich walk-in centre is now at 5,500 signatures and the issue is going to be debated by county councillors at the next Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee in March.

And thanks to the Norwich Eco Hub for getting in touch about last week's piece on pre-payment meters. They are organising an 'energy cafe' for anyone needing help with energy issues on Saturday February 25 from 11am to 2pm at mileXchange, 185 Drayton Road.

Our main piece this week is profiling the work of the city's leading homeless charity, St Martins. Dave Powles met their chief executive to find out about the challenges they're facing and their expansion plans.



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