Locked Out: Why Norwich's rents keep rising

An investigation into how the rental market went crazy.

Locked Out: Why Norwich's rents keep rising
The time it takes to let flats has plummeted because of fierce competition

Rents in Norwich are at record levels, soaring by almost 9% in the last year. It means tenants are, on average, spending a third of their income on rent.

One landlord told us they were getting daily calls from people desperate to find somewhere to live. And research shared with The Seeker shows there is barely a property on the city’s rental market that is affordable for people on benefits.

What is driving this stonking rise and where will it end?

🏡 How it happened

Norwich landlord Paul Cunningham admits the rental market has “gone through the roof” in the last year. He puts it down to fewer properties on the market because of smaller, buy-to-let landlords getting out of the business.

“They have realised that house prices are high so they’ve sold up. Then you have more government legislation against landlords so why not realise your investment?”