How cricket is helping to turn city into a sanctuary 🏏

Cricket is providing a welcome for those seeking asylum in Norwich.

How cricket is helping to turn city into a sanctuary 🏏
Earlham Village cricket team took on an Afghan international side at Britannia Barracks. Photo: Claire Wood.

Good morning from The Seeker!

Cycling home through Sloughbottom Park recently I noticed groups of young men from a range of nationalities playing cricket and football.

And while waiting in McDonalds at the airport, or at KFC near the Boundary, I found myself watching the stream of men and women collecting the takeaway orders for delivery firms.

What is their story and how do we welcome them here?

Today's piece is thanks to Claire Wood, a former journalist who now works for the Norwich City of Sanctuary project, which supports those seeking to welcome people arriving here from overseas.

But it starts with a cricket match.

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