10 Norwich start-up ideas to hack your life

What happened at Sync The City + why Chloe Smith had to announce now she was stepping down as an MP.

10 Norwich start-up ideas to hack your life

Hello and welcome back to The Seeker.

This week, we look at some of the amazing work being done in the city's start-up scene, plus we analyse why MP Chloe Smith announced she wouldn't be standing at the next election. πŸ‘‡

'We haven't left the room for 2.5 days'

From tackling anxiety to spotting lies on a CV, the King's Centre was alive with ideas on Saturday night from would-be start-up founders.

They had just 54 hours - at an event called Sync The City - to transform their pitches into a product which they then presented to judges and a live audience.

Sync The City hard at work. Credit: Tim Stephenson

The first thing you notice stepping into the auditorium is the smell of hard work. For the last two days, 10 teams have been planning and building their own start-up from scratch. And now they are ready to pitch for cash prizes.

It is not really about the money, of course. The event, which has been going since 2014, describes itself as a cross between Dragon’s Den, the X-Factor and The Apprentice.