How I cut the carbon and bills in my Victorian Norwich terrace 🏡

A real-life tale of creating a low carbon home

How I cut the carbon and bills in my Victorian Norwich terrace 🏡
Lucy Galvin with a newly installed water tank in the finished insulated plant room

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When I first took on the editor's job back in July, I got in touch with local political leaders to try and 'plug' myself back in to what was happening on the ground as I wasn't as close to things anymore as I had been back in the day at the EDP.

One of them, city councillor Lucy Galvin, invited me to her house for coffee, and mentioned she was also 'retrofitting' her home - trying to make it more energy efficient and less polluting by replacing the gas boiler with a heat pump and installing solar panels (among other things).

That's interesting I told her and is something I've thought about but wouldn't know where to start. Plus I wouldn't know how to pay for it all.

I haven't made it for the coffee, yet, but I did think it was a story worth telling - and some might say a case of a politician (and a Green one at that) putting their money where their mouth is.

Perhaps you could write about how you did it, I asked.

So while the world this week may have been focused on Cop 28, here's Lucy's story in her own words about how she did her bit too, what it cost, and what difference it has made.

I've kept in the names of the contractors to make it more relatable but it's not an endorsement, just an idea of what you need to do if you are ever thinking of something similar.

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