🐝Doing our bit for the bees

Bees of all stripes are under growing threat – and ultimately that’s not good for us or the planet. Mark Nicholls looks at solutions to support our bees locally.

🐝Doing our bit for the bees
Great Yellow Bumblebee (Bombus distinguendus). Photo: Jamie Boyle

Hello and welcome to the Saturday Seeker!

It may feel like a long time ago now given the summer weather we have been having, but last year's drought wiped out a large swathe of my lawn.

So I bought loads of wildlife seeds and planted lots of pollinator friendly plants (of different shapes and sizes) to help the bees and butterflies.

And the results have been amazing (if you don't mind me sharing my proud flowers photo), with plenty of winged visitors to the garden.

Spot the bees - my summer garden. Photo: Shaun Lowthorpe

So I have been looking forward to today's story from Mark Nicholls who looks at community solutions to support the bees around here.

Have a great weekend and thank you for supporting The Seeker!


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