Derailed: What happened to Norwich in 90?

Norwich in 90 died a quiet death in the pandemic but we've been told it could be coming back.

Derailed: What happened to Norwich in 90?
New trains have sped up travel between Norwich and London but the 90-minute services were dropped last year. Can they come back? Credit: SavageKieran via Wikimedia Commons

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It took years to secure, but disappeared after a few short months. Today, we’re looking at how the campaign to get trains running between Norwich and London in 90 minutes was won, but then lost. We also reveal a bid to bring the service back in spring next year. 🀞

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The birth of 'Norwich in 90' was long and noisy, but its death was quick and quiet.

Monday, May 20th 2019: Smartly dressed politicians and dignitaries (as well as the local press), gathered early at Norwich Station to celebrate a long-promised milestone. The first train to get to London in 90 minutes was about to leave.